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Q : How frequently do I require an eye examination?

A : For Children under the age of 20 eye exams are recommended yearly with the first examination no later than the age of 5. Adults between 20 and 64 are normally seen once per year or once every 2 years depending on symptoms and family history of eye problems. Seniors over the age of 64 should be seen on a yearly basis as eye disease becomes more prevalent as you age.

Q : Does OHIP still cover eye examinations ?

A : Although this subject is quite complicated OHIP normally covers one eye examination per year for persons under the age of 20 or over the age of 64. If you have questions about insurance coverage it is best to call us at 519-672-7206 for full details.

Q : Do you have spectacle frames available for purchase.

A : Yes! We have a wide array of designer and exclusive lines available to fit every budget. In addition we provide fitting and fashion advice so that you get exactly the frame that suits and fits you best. If we don't have the frame that you are looking for we are able to special order from most companies so that you can get exactly the frame you are looking for. Also ask about our special pricing if you require more than one pair!

Q : What types of lenses are available in your office ?

A : We are proud to carry the latest high definition lens designs from Essilor and Nikon. We can tackle even the highest prescriptions with special materials that will make your glasses thinner and lighter than you ever thought possible. Fitting is computer-aided for higher degrees of accuracy and lenses are guaranteed to work. If you have suffered with difficulty adapting to your progressive or bifocal lenses come in and see us for a professional fitting and see the difference experience makes.



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